Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Face Lift Without Surgery

Author: Betty Lynch

Source: articleage.com

As we age facial anatomy weaken, and derma begins to sag. But just as gym workouts can advance the body's active backbone and suppleness, facial exercise - based on the aforementioned attempt of activating attrition - can strengthen facial muscles. If billowing anatomy in your face button and close are crumbling you above your years there is a way to about-face the action and accomplish you attending healthier, added vibrant, younger.
Facial exercise can transform your looks afterwards corrective surgery. One affair facial contest will not do is could could cause wrinkles, but some humans anticipate they do. This is actually wrong. Appropriately done facial exercise a lot of absolutely does not could could cause wrinkles.
In fact, appliance the face helps to accomplish women and men attending adolescent for longer, by toning and abbreviating the facial muscles, just like toning the anatomy of the physique firms them up.
But, don't accomplish the aberration of cerebration that all facial exercise programs are the same. Expensive, face lift , accessories will not accord you bigger results. Electrodes are actual harder to position appropriately and can be aching if you accept acute skin.
Sagging, bagging, face lift, face lift , , and abysmal blind folds in earlier searching faces are, acquired by abridgement of facial tone. Appliance the anatomy in your face is acute to advancement a adolescent appearance. Beauty treatments with creams can't lift billowing muscles.
Surgical facelifts can be costly, aching and sometimes dangerous. Accord your face a structured plan out and you'll acquire the allowances for all the years to come. Our affairs includes abysmal breath to enhance your exercises. The abysmal breath will not alone accompany added oxygen to your facial, face lift , muscles, but to your accomplished body., face lift , Oxygen is the key to these exercises.
Some surgeons even accord facial contest to their patients afterwards their face-lift. Why not, just skip the surgeon and do the exercise? A acceptable facial exercise affairs lifts and tones the facial muscles. My affairs comes with a guarantee, and I accept yet to acquittance any money. For added advice go to http://www.lynchnetenterprises.com

Monday, January 11, 2010

Men's Skin Care Guide - Refreshing Your Dull, Tired Or "hungover" Skin In 5 Easy Steps

Author: James Mew

Source: articledashboard.com

There's annihilation added agreeable than a night out on the town, a little dancing actuality, mid face lift , a little flirting there and not to acknowledgment the cord of beers, shots and cigarettes to accompany the evening's festivities. Combine all this with alone a few hours of beddy-bye and you accept the absolute compound for tired, dull, asleep and anyhow bass skin. Not the account of accomplishment you would like accept at your mid-morning brunch date with beautiful Katie from the bar.
Not to fear, the afterward accomplish will accept you searching bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and aback to your above celebrity in no, mid face lift , time at all.

Step 1 - Liquids
The acumen you're activity so befuddled aboriginal affair in the morning is that your physique is aggravating to even out that bisected a keg of beer you triumphantly managed to get down your gullet - and your physique needs 8 locations of baptize for every 1 allotment of booze to do this successfully.

Whilst on your night out try and alternating every 2 beers / drinks with a alpine bottle of baptize (either still or sparkling will do) this will, mid face lift , abate the severity the 'morning after' added it will advice even out the booze and any added toxins. Aboriginal affair in the morning try and alcohol a sports drink, finer one that contains electrolytes as this will both allay your appetite and furnish absent nutrients.

Substitute caffeine (i.e. coffee and activity drinks) with authentic angel or cranberry, mid face lift , juice. Coffee is a diuretic and will, admitting accord you a abbreviate lived boost, accept you visiting, mid face lift , the bath (and accident liquids) added generally than both your Grandparents combined.

Step 2 - Hydrating Adobe Mask
To achieve basic damp and nutrients lost, added get aback that beginning searching face - use a adobe based facial mask. Administer the adobe affectation afore breakfast, this will not alone hydrate your derma but bright up any blotchiness and asperous tones, and in all your "maskliness" will agreement you as the affair of chat about the breakfast table. Leave the affectation on for about 20-30 mins (or until absolutely dry), again abolish with balmy baptize and pat dry with a towel. Your derma will now feel smooth, adaptable and soft.

Murad Hydrating Gel Mask

Step 3 - Wash, shave, accent and moisturise

1. Wash
Using a face ablution such as Lab Series For Men Multi-Action Face Wash, with its super-foaming chrism cleanser and affable exfoliating chaplet will leave your face aglow and chargeless from crud and impurities, mid face lift , .

2. Shave
With your derma activity hardly tender, if accessible use an electric beautician against its razor counterpart, as they can band abounding layers of derma and leave your derma activity actual acute and may could cause accidental redness.

3. Tone
Toners and astringents are abundant solutions to advance derma accent (even colour) added abate the admeasurement of pores. Administer a baby bulk of the toner analogously using affection absolute / pads and accoutrement the absolute face. Accept a attending at Murad Clarifying Toner 150ml a abundant toner (containing glycolic acid).
4. Moisturise
When it comes to a moisturiser accomplish abiding you accept one that is non-greasy, calmly absorbed, and contains at atomic an SPF 8, like Zirh Defend - Facial Moisturiser (to anticipate abortive crumbling and assure the skin). An added additive to attending out for, that is awful benign to your skin, is glycolic acerbic (found in amoroso cane) which is a accustomed exfoliant and moisturiser. Administer a baby bulk of moisturiser and analogously advance to awning your absolute face, using affable annular motions to rub it in.

Step 4 - Billowy Eyes
Only a few hours of beddy-bye will leave your eyes puffy, annoyed and address an astonishing affinity to Fester from the Adams Family. Afterwards moisturising, administer a baby bulk of Derma Doctors Instant Eyelift which will, as the name suggests, instantly lift abroad the signs of aging, annoyed and billowy eyes.

Step 5 - Conceal
The final footfall to ensure absolutely advantageous searching and even bass derma is to use a ablaze concealer. This is a abundant little ambush that is both time able and awful able in accomplishing a beginning searching, mid face lift , complexion. Administer a baby bulk of the concealer and ensure that it is rubbed in completely. Accomplish abiding and administer the concealer afterwards putting on any accouterment and ablution your easily thoroughly to anticipate any abrading off assimilate your garments. Alternatively, a delicate concealer may be acclimated area instead of cream, a crumb is acclaim patted assimilate your derma - and can be topped up throughout the day.

Male Species Tinted Jojoba Foundation - Medium

That's it! These 5 simple accomplish should accept your derma (and confidence) radiating, and abrogation, mid face lift , you with a blithely beginning activity that others will apprehension too.

Visit http://www.metrojoe, mid face lift , .co.uk/ to appearance the, mid face lift , above products, as able-bodied as browse our all-encompassing archive of men's derma affliction products.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Start Running

Author: Sabrina Rocca

Source: ezinearticles.com

Running can be an intimidating sport for someone who is new to exercise or who is overweight and not used to this type of rigorous activity. I can say this because I was that person. I began running 3 years ago, about one year after the birth of my first child and a 50 pound weight gain. I remember running for something like 30 seconds and it seemed like I'd been running for 5 minutes. When I checked my watch I was dumbfounded by how little I was actually able to endure. Nonetheless, I kept going. I'd run for however long I could, usually between 30 seconds and one minute and then I'd walk for 5 to 10 minutes. Looking back it was actually quite amusing!

It's funny because I remember thinking how embarrassed I was running outside for fear that someone would see me and laugh at my form or the overweight person doing this run/walk on the side of the road. Of course, the biggest fear was that they would see my fat that I could feel jiggling under my arms, my belly and my inner thighs. People used to tell me to keep with it because my running would improve. Even though I didn't believe them, I kept going. I was determined to prove someone wrong; them or myself. Every time I ran, I'd check my watch and realize that I was able to run a little longer and walk a little less.

Someone once told me that if you want to lose weight, running is the best exercise. The only problem was that running was so hard on me because I had the extra weight to lose. It's sort of a catch-22! I came to the conclusion that I had to run hard enough to get my heart rate up, face lift tape , into my fat-burning zone and keep it there. I would run and then walk about the speed of a turtle to catch my breath, face lift tape , but what I didn't realize was that I was actually lowering my heart rate too much so I wasn't really, face lift tape , burning very much fat. Because I couldn't physically run long enough to stay in my target fat-burning zone, I decided to run and then speed walk. I was exhausted and remember feeling like I was going to throw up so I knew I was definitely working hard! Once I figured out that I wasn't going to die if I didn't walk like a turtle, I actually started to lose weight and become a faster runner.

After about a year of running and weight, face lift tape , lifting, I was smaller and fitter than I had ever been in my life. The best part was that I could run about 10 km in less than an hour. I couldn't believe it! I could even run pushing my baby in a running stroller. For, face lift tape , those of you out there who are in a similar situation, I know you can appreciate that as a major accomplishment.

Let's fast-forward to the present. I had my second baby 9 months ago and gained 65 pounds this time. I stopped running and weight training during this pregnancy; need, face lift tape , I say more! I started running again at about 5 months. This time around I purchased, face lift tape , a treadmill and ran at home until it was warm enough to head back outside. This time, I needed a major goal to get back into running and in shape. If you've had a baby, you know how hard it is on our bodies and how long it could take to get back into the groove. In March, I joined the running room aspiring to run in a 10K race in May. That gave me 2 months to train, face lift tape , . Now let's remember that I gained 65 pounds and did not do much exercise for 9 months.

I was determined to do this race. The first night at the running room, I was so nervous because I had never run with anyone before, even when I was in great shape after my first child. I had no idea how long we would be running for or how many people there were going to be or if I would be able to keep up. As scared as I was, I went to my first clinic and when I got there I breathed much easier because, face lift tape , low and behold, most of the people there were in the same predicament as me. I couldn't believe it, I felt so reassured. Everyone ran at different, face lift tape , speeds and in fact, the clinic days were "short run" days so we didn't run more than 4 km. However, during, face lift tape , the 10K clinic they teach you how to run what they call 10 and 1's. This means you run for 10 minutes and then walk for 1 minute. (Now keep in mind that the running room does have other clinics like learn to run, just women, 5K, etc...) The reason that I decided to join the 10K was because, face lift tape , I ran before as mentioned above, face lift tape , . I really wanted to challenge myself. 5K would have probably been a great challenge in itself but I believe that we need to push ourselves to the limit.

As I was training for the race in May, I also started kickboxing and increased my weight training. When learning to run, it's great to do other activities as well because then you get full body conditioning and you're getting in even better shape. While I was training, I started to experience some serious pain in my knees; that's not good! After going to see my doctor, he told me that I had a displaced patella. That means that my knee cap was sort of loose and basically would move when I ran and would hurt like hell! I iced it, taped it, and stretched it...it still hurt! But, I was determined to, face lift tape , do this race. I went for physiotherapy and my physiotherapist showed me how to do some exercises to strengthen the inside of my knee. She also showed, face lift tape , me how to properly tape my knee without a tensor band wrapped all the way around, cutting off my circulation, face lift tape , .

Of course, when doing any type of activity, you really need to check with your doctor periodically, especially if you are experiencing pain. It is one thing to push yourself to the limit, it is another thing to hurt yourself and do permanent damage. That being said, I am stubborn and I continued to run and kickbox. (I did have permission from my physiotherapist to proceed with caution!) However, I did slow down with kickboxing and did more punching than kicking. This seemed to help a little.

The week before the race, I developed some kind of chest cold and could not stop coughing and actually could barely move. I thought that maybe this was a sign that I should give myself more time to train for the next race. Then I looked into my children's eyes and found strength. For that entire week, I did nothing but rest to prepare for that race.

I am happy to report that after all the training, I did it! I'm not going to lie; I struggled with cramping and minor pain. I took cough drops, carried lots of Kleenex, put a ton of tiger balm on my knee before taping it and finished the 10K race in May in 1 hour and 8 minutes. This is not bad for my first time, with all the obstacles I faced that day and not to mention carrying this extra weight which is yet to come off.

The ultimate reward was seeing my family and friends at the end of the race, cheering me on and placing my medal on my 3 and a half year olds neck. He was so proud of me and even though he is still a little young to understand, I just taught him one the most important things in life: "don't give up"! He knew that I was sick and had a sore knee and at the end of the race, the expression on his face was priceless.

When learning to run or learning to do any new sport, you need to find motivation somewhere. You need someone to encourage you, especially if you are facing an obstacle. My obstacles were very miniscule compared to others facing disease and illness but nonetheless they were obstacles to me. I found a way to overcome them and accomplish my goal just like others who ran with diabetes, cancer, etc... just being there and moving is motivating to others and though we seek motivation from others, we actually are motivators to others as well. Remember that, when, face lift tape , you strap on your shiny new white running shoes and head for the side walk your first time. Hold your head up high and reach for the stars, it may take a while, but with determination, you'll get there. Promise! And the reward is satisfaction, there's no better feeling in this world!

Sabrina Rocca
For more great health and exercise tips visit me at: http://www.bodypower.ca While you're visiting, check out my race day video to see what it's like on a race day!

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Alternative Medicine/Anti-aging Center opens in Aurora.

Author: Anonymous

Source: free-articles

August, 2003 -- โ€œSo many people are overwhelmed with information about how to be well. That's why I developed the Prescription for Wellness, an individualized, face lift , program that takes the guesswork out of HOW to live a life of wellnessโ€, states Dr.Tanya Edwards, Medical Director of The Center for Healing and Wellness. โ€œIt takes into account your body, mind, and spirit.โ€

In addition to the individual wellness consultation, The Center offers appointments with other alternative medicine modalities, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy as well as corporate wellness programs, retreats and seminars. The Center is, face lift , located at The Spa Sanctuary at Mario's International Spa and Hotel in Aurora.

In addition to the Prescription for Wellness, the following treatments and services are available:

Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture, Bodywork,, face lift , Healing touch, Myofascial release, Hellerwork, Chiropractic, Homeopathy,

Individual Nutrition plans.

The Anti-aging Program: Diagnostic testing for cardiovascular risk, anti-oxidant, vitamins, minerals, trace metal assessment, liver and kidney function, cancer risk assessment, age-related hormone levels. Assessment and treatment for memory,weight, tone, energy/endurance, sleep, libido.

Stress reduction strategies.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: HGH, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and melatonin.

Aesthetic Services: Botox, Brite Smile-cosmetic teeth whitening, Collagen, Lasik-laser vision correction, Permanent makeup, Thermage non-surgical face lift.

Spa Services: Anti-aging facials, Aromatherapy, Color therapy, Endermologie, Herbal wrap, LaStone therapy, Massage-Auyervedic,, face lift , Vibra, melodic, Raindrop therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, ShiroDhara, Steam Shanti.


September, 2003; Carbohydrates from Hell -, face lift , Carbohydrates from Heaven; Seminar presented by Dr. James Krystosik,, face lift , Thursday, September 11, 7-9PM.

Uses of Botox for Cosmetic and Migraine Relief / Permanent Makeup; Thursday, September 18, 7-8:30PM.

Free Skin Cancer Screenings; Thursday, September 25th, 5-8PM; or Saturday, September 20th, 10-11:30 AM.

October, 2003; How to Meditate; Workshop presented by Tanya Edwards, MD., Thursday, October 9th, 7-8:30PM.

Addressing Arthritis & Fibromyalgia with Alternative Medicine; Seminar Panel, Tuesday, October 14th, 7-9PM.

Anti-aging Medicine; Seminar panel, Thursday, October 23rd, 7-9PM.

Lasik Surgery and Cosmetic Teeth Whitening; Seminar, Thursday,, face lift , October 30th, 7-9PM.

An Alternative Medicine Approach to Cancer; Seminar Panel, Thursday, October 2nd, 7-9PM.


Exploring the Power of the Mid-Life Journey; Overnight Retreat, Saturday, September 13th 7:30 AM to Sunday, September 14th at 1:00 PM.

Caring, face lift , for the Caregiver; Overnight Retreat, Saturday, October 18th 7:30AM to Sunday, October 19th at 1:00PM.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Genioplasty - Alter the Shape of Your Chin With Both Non-surgical and Surgical Methods

Author: A Aaronson

Source: ezinearticles.com

Let's face it. The chin is the foundation for the face. All features spring upward like a floral arrangement from the vase of the jaw. If the vase is the wrong size, the flowers look awkward...either lost in too large of a vase, or the more common scenario where the chin is too small and therefore the flowers appear stuffed in-out of proportion to the undersized and weak appearing container. And so it is with one's chin.

A small, under-defined jowl can throw the optical illusion of size mishaps over the entire face. The nose looks large and unsightly and the neck appears huge. A person's character can even be misjudged by the correlation with the "weak chin".

What is one to do if Mother Nature has doled out the wrong sized jaw to them? Well, one option is to have neck liposuction, in order to sculpt unnecessary tissue from under the jowl, creating a more visually pleasing view by clearing away unsightly fatty deposits in the neck area.

In this procedure, the bones that are there appear more prominent, less hidden. Another, face lift surgery san jose , procedure is by simply moving the existing bone in it forward to a more aesthetically pleasing position. This is called a sliding genioplasty.

The non-surgical methods will not directly help the jaw, but may improve the look of an entire face, causing the ill-proportioned jowl to not seem so important. These methods include skin resurfacing, fillers to balance out textural, face lift surgery san jose , flaws and even a method of transferring fat from one area of the body to "fill, face lift surgery san jose , out" areas on one's face that may need it. These are all possibilities to discuss with your physician.

The most common surgical method to correct an unenticing weak jaw is the procedure of chin augmentation. This is the process of inserting a solid silicone rubberized device, the traditional "chin implant" along the jawbone. An incision is made either in the external skin of the jowl or through the interior of the mouth. Some scarring will occur with the external method, but it is rarely noticeable and fades over, face lift surgery san jose , time.

If this surgical method is chosen, it is done under an anesthetic on an outpatient basis. The whole procedure takes, on average, around one hour. The, face lift surgery san jose , incisions will be taped up for support as a healing aid and then the patient will be allowed to go home. There will be bruising and numbness initially but it should subside over a few weeks time.

The patient should remain on a soft diet as well as limit some of their activities, for example no sports or heavy lifting for two to three weeks. But the time will be well worth it when the healing has been completed and the new and improved jaw line revealed.

This one facial feature has the ability to put the entire face into a new balanced light. Whichever procedures are chosen, the improvement of an unsatisfactory jowl will bump up one's appearance to a new and more attractive level.

The chin plastic surgery in Palo Alto, CA area is usually done in conjunction with rhinoplasty to give you an enhanced over all look. To know more about the procedure and to fix a free consultation, visit http://www.enhanced-you.com.

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Face Rejuvenation Without Surgery - ReJuv

Author: Sabrina Alba

Source: articlesbase.com

When people start to tale, non-surgical face lift , about skin rejuvenation, we often think about cosmetic surgery. However, it is quite possible to achieve face rejuvenation without surgery these days. In fact, most of the techniques in naturally rejuvenating your face have been around for centuries now.Click Here For ReJuv Limited Free Trial!Natural techniques are just some of the ways by which you can rejuvenate your face without surgery. However, there are times when you want to achieve quick results. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, it is now possible to achieve face rejuvenation without surgery in just a matter of a few hours.Botox treatments are perhaps the most popular ways of rejuvenating your face without you having to go under the knife. This kind of treatment is available in most dermatology clinics and it can effectively rid you of years, non-surgical face lift , of wrinkles. What is good about this method is you will be able to see results in just a matter of days after the injections, and these results can last up to six months.Non-invasive lasers are also used in many dermatology clinics to rejuvenate your face. These lasers, non-surgical face lift , eliminate the use of traditional surgery in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging on your face. These lasers are also effective against scars due to acne and they can also help correct skin discoloration. And unlike a face lift, you will be, non-surgical face lift , able to have a faster, non-surgical face lift , recovery time with non-invasive lasers.These are only some of the ways by which you can achieve face rejuvenation without surgery. Indeed, these methods are far safer than undergoing traditional surgery to eliminate the signs of aging that have seemed to conquer your face. Ask your dermatologists about these different techniques so you will be able to better understand which method would best answer your needs and at the same time, would best fit into your budget.Click Here For ReJuv Limited Free Trial!

This author writes about ReJuv and How To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why Get a Face Lift?

Author: Sarah Martin

Source: isnare.com

Age and force plan calm day in and day out to cull the derma on our face downward. As the collagen and elastin in our derma begins to disintegrate, we activate to lose the basic protein fibers to action adjoin these two acutely able forces. As a aftereffect we attempt with jowls and wrinkles about the button and neck. As technology and medical ability continues to improve, it?s no admiration that accepting a face lift has become added appealing.

Since the aboriginal attempts in the aboriginal 1900s, face lifts accept appear a continued way. At first, face lifts consisted of affairs aback the skin, removing balance tissue, and again closing the incision. In the 1970s, doctors activate that the anatomy and added, natural face lift , tissues beneath the derma bare to be repositioned as able-bodied as the high band to actualize abiding results.

Modern face lifts accept a abundant beneath and beneath alarming accretion time than they acclimated to in antecedent, natural face lift , decades. There is beneath bruising, abscess and pain, and patients can usually acknowledgment to circadian tasks afterwards a few weeks. There is aswell the advantage of a mini face lift (http://www.vfhcinc.com/aesthetic.html), natural face lift , which was developed by Dr. Scarborough and Dr. Bisaccia of the Ohio Center for Dermatology.

The mini lift can restore the jaw, cheeks, close and button to a added active state. The action takes about and hour and a bisected which includes bounded anestheia and patients can go home on the aforementioned day. Accretion time is on boilerplate, natural face lift , a week. The boilerplate age of a mini face lift accommodating is about 50-55 if force and age absolutely activate to yield a assessment on the face.

Though face lift anaplasty has become added accepted and safe, it is not the alone advantage for accomplishing that bound active attending and analogue we all wish to bottle or correct. And with the boilerplate face lift amount falling amid $7,000 and 9,000, cheaper options are available.

?Facercise?, natural face lift , founded by Carol Maggio of Rodondo Beach is the accustomed another to face lifts and artificial surgery. Various face contest again alert a day accent the anatomy in the face with appropriate absorption to the close and button area. Students in one of her facercise chic programs saw after-effects aural 5 days. There are altered versions, natural face lift , of facercises including faceworks developed in the UK and face yoga which chase agnate derma abbreviating exercise techniques.

Anti-wrinkle, facial toning creams, and microdermabrasion (http://www.vfhcinc.com/procedures.html) are added alternatives. An accomplished dermatologist can acclaim top superior brands with a array of prices. Even if the a lot of able chrism is expensive, you will still be extenuative bags compared to a face lift.

It would be astute to try accustomed methods afore resorting to anaplasty due to the down time, cost, and the catechism of whether the after-effects will be as you envisioned. Speaking to an accomplished artificial surgeon during a appointment to articulation your apropos and ask questions, natural face lift , about the action is acute afore authoritative a accommodation to get a face lift.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in aesthetic medicine, beauty treatments such as microdermabrasion, and weight loss programs. For more information on a mini face lift, please visit http://www.vfhcinc.com/.